Friday, February 22, 2013

Colorado Legislators Considering Repeal of Adultery Laws

From February 22, 2013 Fox News:
The crime of adultery is still in Colorado's law books, but some Democratic lawmakers say it's an outdated 19th-century holdover that no longer has a purpose.
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The article goes on to say that about half the states still have laws criminalizing adultery.  I suppose in a society where every form of sexual behavior is not only legal, but actually held up as a fine and wonderful model for kids, why not?  And for most legislators, I'm sure, it sure makes them feel better about what they are doing behind closed doors.


Rob K said...

Gay marriage won't destroy the institution of marriage. That was already done with no-fault divorce and the (de facto) decriminalization of adultery and fornication, which effectively made state sanctioned marriage a purely financial matter.

Clayton Cramer said...

I agree with you that gay marriage doesn't destroy the institution of marriage. (It destroys the institution of federalism and popular sovereignty instead.) The real problem is no-fault divorce and widespread moral decline.