Monday, February 25, 2013

Idaho Laws Moving Forward

Two bills introduced in the Idaho legislature: one prohibits Idaho police officers from enforcing any new federal firearms laws; the other makes it a criminal matter for any law enforcement officer (including federal law enforcement) to do so.  From KIVI.  Interestingly enough:
The Fraternal Order of Police says they endorse the legislation, saying it will clear up any confusion over what local police can do. They say they support Idaho's current gun rights.
The other useful bill moving forward passed out of the House State Affairs committee.  It creates an "enhanced" concealed weapons license, one that requires eight hours of instruction.  The claim is that it will expand the number of states that recognize Idaho carry permits.  From February 18, 2013 KTVB:
 A separate bill would create a new category of concealed weapons permit that requires more training, including live-fire instruction. Not only would it allow Idaho concealed weapons permits to be recognized in more states, such an "enhanced permit" could persuade more school boards to allow people to carry concealed weapons on their campuses, which [Rep. Judy Boyle] said her hometown school board already has.
This would be a big win for those of us who already have completed such training -- a lot more states would recognize our Idaho permits, reducing the number of out of state permits that I carry. 

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