Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day of Resistance Rally: February 23

Okay, I missed the last one.  February 23 is going to be Day of Resistance, a nationwide campaign of citizens expressing their refusal to go along with attempts to disarm law-abiding adults.   Most state capitals seem to be organized already; for those of us in Idaho, the rally will be at the State Capitol from noon to 1:30 PM.

Remember: camouflage and ghillie suits are not the most effective way to make a positive impression.  Nor are they likely to be effective for their intended purpose in that location; although I suppose camouflage that looks like automobiles and statues might work!  Who knows, I might even wear a suit.  I am not going to be carrying a gun, at least openly, and I think it probably would not be the wisest PR campaign if everyone is wander around with black rifles. 

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Basil said...

I'll be attending the rally in Little Rock. I'll have a camera, but will leave the guns at home. The rally is on the statehouse steps, and while I suppose one could argue about whether it is covered or not, the rules here prohibit carry in the statehouse proper, and I'm not interested in being a test case to whether the steps are included.