Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 23: Day of' Resistance

Okay, I missed the last one.  February 23 is going to be Day of Resistance, a nationwide campaign of citizens expressing their refusal to go along with attempts to disarm law-abiding adults.   Most state capitals seem to be organized already; for those of us in Idaho, the rally will be at the State Capitol from noon to 1:30 PM.

Remember: camouflage and ghillie suits are not the most effective way to make a positive impression.  Nor are they likely to be effective for their intended purpose in that location; although I suppose camouflage that looks like automobiles and statues might work!  Who knows, I might even wear a suit.  I am not going to be carrying a gun, at least openly, and I think it probably would not be the wisest PR campaign if everyone is wander around with black rifles. 


Windy Wilson said...

Two by fours with "Assault Weapon" stenciled on them?

Stan Burton said...

Actually a whole crowd of people peacefully carrying AR's might just be exactly the right message