Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Clever Design For Toilet Seats

Just when you think that there is nothing new under the Sun, you get a surprise.  We have been in this house seven years now, and a couple of the toilet seats were beginning to show some wear.  We went to Home Depot to buy couple of replacements and I found a very interesting and clever improvement on a traditional design, made by Bemis here in the United States.

Traditionally, toilet seats are attached to the toilet bowl by two fairly long screws that go through the back of the toilet seat, through the porcelain, and then into a couple of nylon or plastic nuts. You would not want to unscrew these very often, because it is sort of annoying to do, but it also means that there are areas near the toilet seat hinges that are hard to really get clean.

Instead, the screws go into a couple of quick release assemblies that can be moved from the top. Here is one of those quick releases in the locked position:

To remove the entire toilet seat, you just rotate the two quick releases to this position:

That you can lift the entire toilet seat off and do a very thorough cleaning across the entire top of the bowl.

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Cincinnatus said...

Those are handy, but the ones I got (same brand I think) seemed to have a shorter lifespan than I had hoped. The plastic worn a bit and loosened up the seat to where it squirmed a bit under one.