Wednesday, April 10, 2024

We Have Some Unmet Education Needs

4/9/24 New York Post:

"WASHINGTON — Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) stunned attendees at a high school solar eclipse event Monday by claiming the rock-solid moon is a “planet” that is “made up mostly of gases” — before adding she still wants to be “first in line” to learn how to live there.

The former top Democrat on the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee badly botched elementary lunar facts while speaking during the gathering at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston.

“You’ve heard the word ‘full moon.’ Sometimes you need to take the opportunity just to come out and see a full moon is that complete rounded circle, which is made up mostly of gases,” Jackson Lee, 74, told teenage pupils who gathered on a sports field ahead of the rare celestial event."

The ignorance goes to 11 later in her remarks.  I fear where a country goes when people this ignorant get elected and re-elected to Congress where she was the ranking Democrat on the space subcommittee.  I do not expect every member of Congress to understand "event horizons" or even the gravitational force equation but I do hanker for them to know as much as my 11-year-old grandson.

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  1. Iam sure that she was surprised to hear that Guam was not in danger of capsizing if a few thousand more people off-loaded on to the island, and she found it offensive that Hank Johnson was mocked for that concern.