Monday, April 22, 2024

Boise State University Must Be Moving Up in the World

A while back, BSU's president wanted BSU to be known as a metropolitan university of distinction or some similar rotgut.  I think I am seeing evidence they are moving up in the world.

I was picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy today and there was a car plastered with Israel genocide rhetoric. I was going to photograph it on my way out, but a pink-haired girl (and no, not a bad red dye) was getting in the passenger side and I did not think it wise.  The driver of course had green hair.

In the 1960s, my father was an opponent of the Vietnam War when most Americans were still saying, "Where?". We were watching an antiwar protest on TV and my father's reaction was that these people would get a lot further with their efforts if they were not dressed weirdly with long hair.  

That is the only good news of the Palestinian Rapist/Torturer Defense crowd.  They are effectively identifying themselves as lunatic fringe by their cultural baggage.

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