Wednesday, April 3, 2024

LG Washer & Dryer

Home Depot's contractor showed up to install our LG stacking washer and dryer.  Watching these two guys carry these two very heavy appliances rather than use a dolly through door frames not wide enough to hold the side was scary.  The washer at least had handles; the dryer did not.  Listening to them counting 1-2-3-LIFT reminded me of why hold this nation's elites in so much contempt.  These are people they work very hard and have to listen to themselves described as deplorables.

Then they stacked the dryer on the washer and at first attempted to carry it while making a 90 degree turn into the room where these were going to go.  The rotation perpendicular to their control positions persuaded them to walk across the tile floor instead.  The young Hispanic man pulled it back into position and briefly, I feared we were going to have to take over feeding for life but somehow he slid out of gap that seemed impossible.

You may have seen the "Honor Labor" bumper stickers.  I think labor unions are the source.  I do not particularly honor labor unions but people that work this hard to make $250-300/day (I asked) deserve honor and respect, not contempt.

The washer and dryer start up with a lighting and sounds collection that makes me suspect a cousin relationship to machines in Las Vegas.  

The instruction manual suggests a college course to fully control them. 

Of course, there is an app to control them.  My wife considers such an app useless unless it includes gathering, loading, transfer to dryer, fold, and sort.  I agree.  Robotic laundry needs to happen soon!

And the cutest noises when done!


  1. I have worked that hard for $5 a day. Even at today's prices, that is very easy work for $300 a day.