Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Let Us Now Praise Great Practioners

This move has led us to two great providers of services.  Two Men and a Truck packed, loaded, and moved us Saturday.  Actually four young men (the only age to be doing this sort of work) and two trucks did this and we paid about $4100.  There was one casualty (the plastic sheeting on a poster cracked) and one temporary loss (an LG monitor arrived Tuesday after they found it in the pads). Compared to imposing on friends and family, this was a bargain.

Another person you will want to call if you are in the Boise area is John Aultman (208) 890-8388. (Also an NRA member.)  We needed a dog run for our two English Springer Spaniels in need of sedatives.  The first guy gave us a pretty high estimate for the area we marked out.  John suggested a configuration that we had not considered and at a much lower price.  He put in a vinyl fence and matched the color to the house.  He needed to make two wooden gates for the porch and they match so well that they look like part of the original design.

As I mentioned, the crazier of the two, Lillie Belle, managed to leap through a gap between rabbit wire and top beam of the fence. We got John out the next day, and he added rabbit wire at a higher elevation and raised one of the gates.  Lillie Belle ran around the yard looking for escape paths and finally accepted that she was going to need to build a ladder or do a Stalag 17 operation to get out.

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