Wednesday, April 17, 2024

No, Two Items Lost in the Move

My Jaguar is old enough (10 years!  How time flies) that the HomeLink buttons on the rear view mirror would not work with the old house's garage door motor.  There is a unit that is effectively a translator from the antique codes to the new one.  You plug it into any outlet line of sight to the motors and do a silly little dance with an intermediate box to synchronize the antique with the modern secure opener.  At some point, I tried to reprogram the code on the garage door threshold and the Jaguar no longer could speak Klingon to the little translator.  

Eventually, I learned that LED bulbs produce a signal that prevents reprogramming.  (In the meantime, I had installed these amazing five panel but Edison bulb compatible fixtures.  I should have turned them off and reprogrammed the Jaguar, but I kept forgetting to do so.)

When I moved, I had one of the moving hunks unplug the translator unit from the ceiling outlet.  But where did I put it?  

Fortunately, they are only about $40, so I ordered another one.

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  1. The very best way to find a lost item is to buy a new one.