Friday, April 26, 2024

Jewish Nazi Funding Anti-Israel Protests

4/26/24 New York Post:
"George Soros and his hard-left acolytes are paying agitators who are fueling the explosion of radical anti-Israel protests at colleges across the country.

"The protests, which began when students took over Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus lawn last week, have mushroomed nationwide."
You may recall that Soros got his business start helping the Germans rob his fellow Hungarian Jews.

I always wonder what drives Soros' hatred of Western Civilization.  Is it self-loathing because of what he did as a teenager and that he was able to become rich through the system that it created?  Or is it rage that Western Civilization failed in one of the great moral crises of history, letting Hitler get away with an unprecedented genocide?

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  1. Soros did some good: back in the day, he funded pro-democracy and civil-liberties organizations in eastern Europe. His funding was seed money for the transition away from Communism.