Thursday, April 4, 2024

This Makes Sense Now

The movie Civil War has what seems like an absurd idea: California and Texas allied against a president who has decided he can serve a third term and calls in air strikes on Americans.  

Some of the writers and actors from the movie are now explaining that this seemingly absurd coalition is really about how Americans of different political perspectives can share opposition to fascism.  4/3/24 Hollywood Reporter:
At a special screening in Los Angeles on Tuesday, writer-director Alex Garland explained the “intentional” decision to unite the two, saying it was “partly to get around a kind of reflexive, polarizing position that people might fall into, that’s one thing, but actually that’s not the main thing. The main thing is to do with how the president is presented and what can be inferred from that.” The president, played by Nick Offerman, has disbanded the FBI, has used air strikes on American citizens and has established himself as a three-term leader.

Nick Offerman is probably not as radical as his character in Parks & Rec but he is definitely a conservative, pro-gun guy.  His comment:

Offerman also weighed in, noting that after all the online chatter ahead of its release, “when you see the movie you’re like, ‘Oh shit, it’s actually just super-intelligent and a kickass movie that none of us can legitimately get mad about because it’s just a beautiful piece of art.'” He additionally noted that any comparisons to his character and Donald Trump while shooting “didn’t even come up. It’s so unrelated to any actual factions or politicians,” and commended Garland for not including real-life political points in the story.

My two cents: civil war needs to be avoided as much as we can.  The results would be catastrophic both nationally and internationally.  One of the actors quoted emphasized that he has been working to talk to friends of different political perspectives seeking common ground.  This is a darn good idea. 

Lots of people hate Donald Trump.  There is much to dislike about him.  Many of his policies are worth discussing.  (Some, such as China-directed trade barriers have been continued by Biden.). The insanity of TDS that led to Russiagate should cause people on the moderate left to ask why such politically motivated nonsense was so readily accepted.

Please, let's try to avoid madness.  We do not have to meet the crazies in the middle.  Lots of Democrats would agree that promoting racial hatred is destructive.  If only the ones in the White House and elite universities could be made to see this.

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