Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Walls of Genital Mutilation Start Tumbling Down

4/11/24 BBC:
"Health Secretary Victoria Atkins says she has had "enough" of a "culture of secrecy and ideology" around gender care for children.

"Writing in the Daily Telegraph, she criticised NHS England practitioners, in response to a landmark review into gender care practices.

"The Cass review said children had been "let down" by a lack of research on the use of puberty blockers.

"It called for gender services to match the standards of other NHS care."

The Cass Review found that many of the traditional claims,such that gender mutilation reduces suicide for example were not supported by the science.  He also found that there was a lack of transparency from the transgender specialists of the NHS.

Who knows?  Perhaps sanity will fall on America.  But the number of children sterilized and adults mutilated is now huge.

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