Sunday, April 14, 2024

Do Any of You Have a Cadillac CT4, CT5, or CT6?

As much as I want a C8 Corvette, the lack of trunk space for the M1A and telescopes makes me wonder if the mild reduction in performance for one of these might make sense.  They are substantially cheaper used than modern Corvettes.  I am really more a sports sedan guy anyway.

The last CT6 I drove was startling.  As I turned a corner onto the Interstate, I distinctly heard it say, "Faster, harder." For a Cadillac to demand to be treated as a sports sedan was astonishing to someone who grew up surrounded by the barge ancestors.  The CT6 is also apparently AWD standard.  Useful in a sometimes snowy place.

I am not keen on all-electric cars because I do not necessarily stay on the well-established routes where charging stations can be found.

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  1. A year and a half ago I drove from DC back to Idaho in a rented CT 5, and it was one of the most wonderful driving experiences of my life. I swear that car could read my mind; it felt like a powerful extension of me. I told my wife that if I could buy that car from Enterprise I would have stroked them a check on the spot. If I win the lottery I still might.