Monday, October 30, 2023

So Glad I Do Not Live in a Blue Zone

The apologists for rape, murder, and beheading are clearly an important faction there.

"7,000 pro-Palestinian protesters take over Brooklyn Bridge, call for elimination of Jewish state: ‘By any means’"

"SAN FRANCISCO -- A group of protestors demanding an end to the Israel-Hamas war shut down traffic on the Central Freeway in downtown San Francisco for about 90 minutes Saturday afternoon, the California Highway Patrol said."

And I did not even get to the Minneapolis blockade that resulted in a driver being pulled from his car.  I hope Democrats like their allies.  Soon they will be Dhimmicrats.

A couple Hamas terrorist attacks and Trump's concerns may make him a winner next year. The race riots and antiwar riots  in 1968 helped Nixon squeak to victory.

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  1. Sadly, George Washington Roebling did too good a job building that bridge. It's a real pity more could not meet there and discover the ultimate load limit for the bridge. I can think of none more deserving that the apologists for murder, mayhem, rape and torture.