Saturday, October 7, 2023

Another Progressive Victory

 10/2/23 Daily Mail:

Portland's public safety commissioner has told people to not call 911 unless they're at risk of death - as the Democrat-run city continues to struggle with rampant drug use and a slew of overdoses.  

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez told locals that its emergency service hotline was overwhelmed with people calling about members of the public suffering fentanyl overdosesOregon decriminalized hard drug use three years ago.   

As a result, he urged people to only call 911 in a life or death emergency, as it was revealed paramedics had been called to deal with eight suspected fentanyl overdoses in the city's once-tony Pearl District.  

Portland's neighborhoods have been overrun with crime, homelessness, and drugs since the pandemic - and despite pouring funds into relief initiatives, little change is occurring on the streets of the city.  

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez wrote on X today: 'Our 911 system is getting hammered this morning with a multiple person incident - multiple overdoses in northwest park blocks. 

For progressives, decriminalization was a path to treatment for drug addicts.  It does not sound like a great success. 

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