Thursday, October 12, 2023


 We heard about ten minutes of jet aircraft, but we could not see any.  We drove up Lansing to try and drive west and a sheriff's car was blocking Purple Sage to the west.  More police cars showed.  Is this a training exercise for World Jihadi Day tomorrow?

Gas main leak.  Emergency declared.  Shelter in place within four miles which includes us.

Now evacuation order extreme.  We hear rumors of explosion.

10/22/23 ABC News.

Interstate natural gas pipeline.


  1. A couple of years ago, a construction crew hit a water main, which immediately took out a gas main, resulting in an explosion - when the gas hit the heat of either the engine or the exhaust of the equipment in use. Injuries but no deaths if I remember correctly.

    The flames were about a 100 feet high, and I think it was a smaller main all around. Those guys are very lucky they didn't end up in the middle of an explosion.

  2. from a press report: "A piece of the gas pipeline was found a quarter of a mile away from the site of the explosion."