Wednesday, October 25, 2023

22 Dead in Maine Mass Murder

Lots of coverage.  Police apparently know who the guy is.  Apparently not a surprise.

Recent mental hospital stay after hallucinations.  No surprise.

  • Card is believed to be an Army Reservist stationed out of the city of Saco
  • He recently reported 'hearing voices' and threatened to shoot up the military training base
More tragedy.  10/26/23 NBC Bay Area:

The family of the Army reservist accused of fatally shooting more than a dozen people in Lewiston, Maine, alerted police and military officials that he was experiencing an “acute” mental health episode before the Wednesday night massacre, the suspect’s sister-in-law said.

Robert Card, 40, a firearms instructor and longtime member of the Army Reserve, began to hear voices that were saying “horrible” things about him a couple of months ago when he was fitted for high-powered hearing aids, according to Katie Card, who is married to his brother.

Katie Card said the family did their best to reassure Robert Card that the comments were not real, including by verifying with some of the people he claimed had made the remarks. But, she said, “it turned into a manic belief.”

“He was just very set in his belief that everyone was against him all of a sudden,” she said. [emphasis added]

Most of these tragedies come seemingly out of nowhere.  They warned police and they apparently did nothing. 

Found dead by suicide.


  1. He started hearing voices after he started using new hearing aids. I wonder if the hearing aids have Bluetooth or WiFi or otherwise have connectivity.

    1. Previously undiagnosed schizophrenia seems more likely, although at his age that is rare.

    2. I defer to your familial knowledge of such things, but his obtaining "high-powered hearing aids" and simultaneously beginning to "hear voices that were saying 'horrible' things about him" leapt right out at me.