Thursday, October 26, 2023

Today I Testified in Rocky Mountain Gun Owners v. Polis

Prof. Spitzer's declaration started out by admitting there were no waiting periods in the Framing Era but argued that laws prohibiting possess of guns while drinking are the equivalent in that both restrict gun possession by people who are not in a rational and responsible state of mind.  Great analogy there.

Worse, none of the laws he cited actually prohibited possession of a gun while drinking.  One Rhode Island was quoted three words... three more words .. three more words.". So I looked up the law.  It prohibited hunting, sports, shooting, or going to a bar on the Sabbath. His other laws were similar misrepresented.  In at least one case, he copied the very carefully edited text and the citation from the Duke University Repository of Gun Laws and likely never read the actual statute.

He claimed that guns are far more readily available today because there are about 60,000 licensed gun dealers now.  Yes, and we have 85x more people.  So the equivalent would be 705 retailers selling guns.  Ads are available in profusion for the period.  Because few Americans lived in cities, you would likely not need an ad to find the dealer in guns in your town of 500.

Our attorney says that I "knocked it out of the park."  That makes my day.

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