Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Someone Must Have Tried This

Yes, that says do not use the fire sprinkler as a clothes hanger.


  1. Having owned a motel I can say that more than one person has tried it, even though there were clothes hangars and rods provided. Generally someone who wans to dry something out, but instead made things worse when they broke the little glass rod that holds the stopper in place.

    We ended up having to have basket-like covers installed anywhere that a hangar could be poked into the sprinkler.

    People are idiots. Some folks could break an anvil given a bit of time. (And they generally won't read the warning signs)

  2. Legend has it that at a Science Fiction convention in Baltimore, a couple of a rather kinky bent tried bondage using the sprinkler, and broke off the entire sprinkler head, flooding the hotel extensively.