Monday, October 9, 2023

I Do Not Need It

 I mentioned a couple days ago a Canadian made finderscope bracket.  I decided to fix the acetal one that did not stay fixed.  I fixed it, but no longer need it so I put it up on

It's free. I machined it from acetal, a very hard plastic similar to aluminum. As I mentioned a few days ago in a forum, I replaced it with a very nice Antares bracket because I made one design mistake that made it not stay in position. (It would rotate around the base; acetal is very slippery stuff.) I decided because I had put so much work into machining this that I could not bear to throw it away, so I machined a .5" wide x .07" deep slot into the base and a similar relief in the column (or perhaps plinth is a better word choice) so that it no longer moves even a little. It fits into a Vixen base perfectly. (I did not even know this was a Vixen-type base when I measured and machined it, or I would have just bought one.) As I said, I no longer need it, but it works. Just reimburse me for postage which cannot cost much; acetal is half the density of aluminum.

The ID of the rings is 56mm; obviously a 55mm finderscope will not leave much room for alignment adjustment.


Already taken. I suspect that had I been born in 1936 not 1956, I would have ended up a mechanical engineer.

The buyer bought a finder without a bracket.  My question was, "What next? Buy a telescope?  A mount?  A planet to set it on?"

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