Sunday, October 22, 2023

Glad I Stocked Up On Chili and Rice. I Need Water Now

Israel is threatening to nuke Iran if Hezbollah attacks 

If Iran has done what Obama helped them to do, they have some U-235 "gun type" bombs by now.  I think this design, while so simple it needs no testing, is limited to 200kt.

Israel I am sure had thermonuclear warheads on their SLBMs.  Incinerating Tehran and Qom (an important Shia religious center) would likely end the war with Iran.  The death toll from nuclear detonations will be horrifying as will be the fallout.

I doubt this would engage the U.S. directly.  A lot of Sunni nations will send strongly worded notes to Israel (or what is left of it) and thank them discretely.

Still, I could sleep both Iranian sleeper cells and lone wolf Muslim attacks domestically 

Stockpile food, ammo, and water.
It could get ugly for a month or two while Biden's team decides who to punish in the U.S.

Remember when we were told Biden was going to make America respected again?  No more mean tweets!

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  1. If there is a soft drink bottling plant nearby, see if you can purchase a used IBC. Plumb it into your house water supply, and you have 275 gallons of water ready to go.

    The IBC may need to be washed out (do it yourself car wash to start, then home rinsing and sanitizing with chlorine bleach), and should be available for a few hundred dollars. Plumbing is easy with PVC connectors.