Sunday, July 23, 2023

Why Are They Catholic Universities?

7/23/23 Campus Reform:
"A Catholic Connecticut university is teaching students that supposed societal problems of "fatphobia" and "transphobia" are actually rooted in racism and perpetuated by social institutions like religion.

"The seminar, titled “Racism’s Intersectional Impact on Agency & Liberation” is part of Sacred Heart University's “Continuing Conversations in Antiracism” workshop series, which seeks to tie racism to various forms of oppression and perceived oppression."

As a person who is still technically overweight, I think I can speak safety that "fatophobia" is health-related, not a phobia at all.  This continuing attempt to turn every destructive deviation from the norm, even norms based on scientific evidence is quite disturbing.

Healthcare costs are influenced by obesity.  Socialists will, if they get their way, have to confront this or bankrupt the society.  (Never mind, I forgot that is the goal.)

Does the Catholic Church have any influence on these "Catholic" universities?

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  1. That's an excellent question. An accident of history they cannot be untangled from that easily? Too much influence from the Jesuits who are very good at logic and sophistry but in terms of religious faith they fall perilously close to the joke that has them asking, "What is a Novena?" in response to the question, "Is it proper to say a Novena for a Ferrari?"
    The other half of the joke is the Franciscan asking, "What's a Ferrari?"