Saturday, July 1, 2023

Does Anyone Make a Battery Powered Minichainsaw Outside China?


  1. Probably not. Even Stihl will only say that the majority of their products are Made in America. They have electric pole saws for pruning and 12inch electric (battery) chainsaw, which is small, but not mini. And they aren't cheap

  2. Look at STIHL. In my area Ace Hardware is an authorized dealer. They have GTA 26 battery-powered garden pruner which looks like mini (maybe micro) chain saw and their site says it is made in USA and Germany. They also have several 12" battery chainsaws though I didn't see specific point of manufacture mentioned.
    do know they have a Virginia Beach facility and claim a majority of STIHL products sold in America are made in America of U.S. and global materials.