Sunday, July 2, 2023

Gee, I Wonder Why This Guy Thinks the USA is in Decline?

And why he cannot pay back his student loans?

"Some student loan borrowers encouraged others to default on their loans "en masse" following the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to cancel President Joe Biden's student loan debt forgiveness plan, but one expert told Newsweek why that may not be a good idea.
"Okay, thing I can actually talk about: Mass default on student loan debt would be a really effective message and f*** you to this country from the folks most impacted by our constant slide backwards. Just don't pay it. Hit the bricks. En masse," Twitter user Derek Van Dyke wrote."

What he does not know, apparently, is that Sen. Joe Biden (D-MBNA) is why you cannot go bankrupt to discharge student loan debt.  I suppose if Derek wants to go homeless his strategy might work.

Do you suppose the constant slide backwards might have something to do with a generation of kids getting degrees that lead to no job higher than barista and encouraging widespread default on debts?

I took out a student loan in 1974 when I started at USC.  (It was $1000, about all that you could take out at the time.). After I dropped out, I completely forgot about the debt.  (No, really, I was more focused on a lunatic cross dresser threatening my life because I was sleeping with his roommate/girlfriend/extortion partner.)

When I received the reminder a year or two later, I just paid it off.  I was able to get a job after dropping out of college.

That this guy thinks he can just stop making payments without destroying whatever credit score he already has (can they create a new sub-200 FICO score for flakes like this?). Does he honestly not know that even a barista can get his wages attached?

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