Thursday, July 20, 2023

Glock Switch

If you not been paying attention this is an auto sear for Glock pistols.  They are 3D printed in lots of pretty colors.  Or you can buy them from what I suspect from the Chinglish on the web site, the PRC.  They even show the dimensions.  It was brilliant design work by whoever figured this out.

If I was Glock I would change the design right now or I think the machine gun definition the National Firearms Act could include all existing Glocks.  

I have talked to several lawyers with expertise in NFA law (yes, I know them well.  Are you surprised?)

Apparently the text is clear that the Glock meets the definition of machine gun because of this.  The courts have surprisingly pushed back on BATF attempts to use auto sear availability as a way to treat AR-15s as machine guns. The Biden Administration actually refused to argue that AR-15s are machine guns under this theory.  I think they know what the reaction would be if 25 million Americans were told they were about to become felons.

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