Thursday, July 13, 2023

In Recovery Room

Started at 10:00, all done about 11:15.  I was awake enough to watch the screen as he installed the stents in the circumflex and LAD arteries.  Another artery was too small for a stent so he used a balloon to enlarge it.

I feel good.  I have not done any cardiovascular exercise but I have confidence that getting two 80% occluded arteries opened up has to be a win.

I am supposed to be here four to six hours before release.

And not to do anything requiring judgment or using power tools until the Fentanyl wears off about noon Friday.

Splint to remind not to lift more than ten pounds so the clot on the artery stays in place.

Rhonda says I have more color in my face, smiling, and speaking more clearly.  Oxygen is wonderful stuff!