Saturday, July 29, 2023

Public Health Professors Lacking Agenda

7/27/23 Daily Mail:
"For the study, published today in JAMA Network Open, researchers extracted data from the Gun Violence Archive — a database of mass shooting incidents across the US run by a nonprofit group.

"The researchers did not say why Washington D.C. — the nation's capital — was top of the list.

"The district has some of the strictest gun control laws in the Itnation — with open carrying banned and thorough background checks necessary before purchasing a weapon.

"It also has a lower gun ownership rate than other states, with estimates suggesting 36 percent of residents have a gun — compared to the national average of 39 percent.

"In second place was Louisiana, which has lax gun control laws and a high ownership rate of 52 percent. 

"Illinois, which has tight gun control laws and low gun ownership, came IN third on the list. ...

"The state also does not PERMIT open carry and has one of the lowest ownership rates in the country at 22 percent."

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