Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Most People Get Beyond Burglary at That Age

McDonald County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

I did not realize Facebook will not allow copy of text.  Summary: couple returns home and finds burglar, 62, in their home barricaded in room.  The burglar shoots at them.  Husband and wife return fire.  Both shots hit him.  They disarm him and hold him for police.

62?  Burglary is usually a teen to young immature adult crime.  A few more years and he can collect Social Security (unless he is in prison).


  1. You couldn't copy text because that was a mobile link. If you take the "m." off the domain part of the URL, making it a desktop link, you can copy text: "On July 19, 2023 at approximately 0930 hours, Deputies from the McDonald County Sheriff's Office responded to an address on Buffalo Creek Road near Tiff City for a reported burglary and shooting."

  2. "I did not realize Facebook will not allow copy of text. "
    Can you explain more? I just tried to copy a paragraph comment on Facebook successfully, and was able to paste it to a doc. I don't read the news section so maybe that's what you mean... Bob