Sunday, June 25, 2023

Why Are There Very Slightly Used Corvettes for Sale?

As many of you know, I really want a Corvette convertible, 2020 or later.  What amazes me is how many are available with 300 miles or so on them.  Did that many people buy them and lose their jobs?  Why would you buy a car like that if you were even slightly unsure of your future employment?  

Why would you take a loan on a Corvette?  I would think most buyers would just write a check.

One reader threw out a very plausible explanation: speculating on future price rises.  This would explain year-old Corvettes with 300 miles.


  1. Lots of folks buy one for speculative purposes.
    Often this is not a sound financial decision.

  2. "I would think most buyers would just write a check." no one pays cash for anything. No one worries about paying for sh*t on the day the buy it.