Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Pegboard Would Not Stay Up

There were no conveniently placed studs and moly bolts did not hold the pegboard in place.  My wife pointed to the wooden shelves the previous owner put in the garage and we used hooks and closed loop holders to get most of the hand tools hanging where they were visible and not hanging behind another tool which had been a problem with the pegboards before.  Tools not easily hung on hooks, closed loops, or between closed loops are in see through snap bins so you can immediately tell which box has the tool you need or where to return it when done.  It was a lot of work reminding me that I need these two arteries blown out.


  1. You can always run a couple of 1x4s horizontally across two or more studs and then mount your board wherever you want on them.

    1. Clever solution for the next time I decide to mount pegboard.

    2. It works out better that way, too - more room behind the pegboard to maneuver the hooks, so the pegboard doesn't break out