Thursday, June 8, 2023

Heart Surgery? Maybe Not

I met with the surgeon today.  He says the scar tissue that prevents stenting the LAD and circumflex arteries can likely be burned out with a laser.  Space Invaders coming to a chest near you!

And yes, the hypertension and aortic stenosis correlation is causal.  The aortic valve puts a strain the left ventricle.

It is apparently the same as Peripheral Laser Atherectomy.  The claim is: "Laser energy is pulsed, vaporizing the plaque and breaking it down to carbon dioxide and water.". That make the clot risk zero. I confess that I cannot imagine anything in plaque that would not be carbon dioxide and water.  


  1. I had that done for a blockage in one of my arteries that my interventional cardiologist could not pierce to insert a stent.

    I was told that 2 Yale physicians who developed that procedure would be using it on me once my interventional cardiologist opened up my artery for them.

    I was administered Fentanyl as the sedative because I would be unconscious for 2+ hours. What an incredible experience. An instant of absolute bliss that I swore would rival that available in Heaven followed by an onrushing tidal wave of blackness overcoming me...and then I woke up.

    Felt fine. Discharged next day to home.

    Hope that works for you Clayton. Hope everything works out OK for you as well.



  2. Modern technology is amazing. Wishing you all the best with this.