Saturday, June 17, 2023

Someone Could Make Some Money

I am trying to find a cordless electric mini chainsaw not made in China. shows you manufacturers that clearly want to sell for export.  I know many companies have moved manufacturing from China to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.  I have been pleased to buy tools made in Poland, Taiwan, and India, telescope parts made in Taiwan and Japan, clothes made in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Vietnam, office chairs made in Vietnam.  

There are websites that appear if you search for "mini chainsaw made in USA" but they are best, US importers of Chinese products.  Even trying to find country of assembly for particular brands seems to be intentionally hard, probably to hide PRC origin.  My only reason to shop at a retail store is to look at the package for "made in".

Build a website with links to sellers of those products (some of which are even on Amazon) and collect referral fees. run by a Chinese -American.

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