Thursday, June 1, 2023

Search Engines Are Not to Be Trusted

 I wanted to make reservations at the Days Inn in Winnemuca, specifically ion the first floor.  So I searched for their phone number.  I called that number and ended up with a call center in India where she spoke so fast and unclearly that until I received the confirmation email, I did not realize that I had been connected to Quality Inns.  The Model T in Winnemucca is comparably priced and quality, but I feel that once again, search engine sponsored ranking is deceptive.  

Not comparable.  I also got stuck with a $16 service fee for the service center.

The scamsters are called Reservation Center.


  1. Sorry to be late with a reply Clayton but I was away and unable to send out a reply for some reason. Now that I'm back home I'm hopeful that you'll be reading this shortly.

    I hate unannounced charges as well - and they seem to be growing in frequency. Must be something tied to Bidenomics but that's probably just a wild thought with a basis on my part. No?

    As a lawyer (having retired formally from the Bar I can't call myself an attorney any longer) let me offer you some free advice: You can contest and don't have to pay for charges you neither requested nor agreed to incur. Federal Law.

    Just contact you credit card company and dispute the added charge or added amount in the charge. They will immediately remove it from your outstanding balance while they investigate with the billing party.

    If you have the time and energy, an email/letter to customer service also works wonders most time. Especially when combined with threats to take your business elsewhere - and you travel a fair amount too.

    Hope you're felling better and still on track for your remedial surgery.

    Pulling for you,

    John Griffin

    1. Discover has already arranged reversal of hotel reservation. No the $15.99 to the East Indian crooks. If that is all I paid to learn a lesson, okay.