Friday, June 16, 2023

The JPMorgan Suit is Getting Weirder

6/16/23 The Hill:
"JPMorgan Chase is accusing the former first lady of the U.S. Virgin Islands of aiding Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation.

"In a filing submitted Wednesday in the ongoing lawsuit between the bank and the territory, the company alleged that former Virgin Islands first lady Cecile de Jongh, who managed Epstein’s companies based in the U.S. territory, helped facilitate visas and employment for several of his victims and, more generally, served as his “primary conduit for spreading money and influence” in the Virgin Islands."

The claim is that the Virgin Islands governor asked Epstein for advice on a sex trafficking law.  Ultimate fox in charge of the henhouse.  

Cosmic Pizza may have been a fevered dream, but Epstein seems to have enjoyed considerable government protection and assistance.

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  1. Just as "Big Guy" was code for Joe Biden, "Cosmic Pizza" was code for Epstein's Island.
    I have to dig the book out to check, but the Scottish mystery author Josephine Tey, one who believed Richard III did not murder the Princes in the tower so many years ago, in her frame-story mystery about Richard and the Princes "The Daughter of Time", had a character mention that a priest accused Richard's brother of secretly marrying "woman X", when the secret marriage was in reality with "Woman Y". By using the wrong name, which accusation was easily disproven, the false marriage claim was relegated to what you refer to as a "fevered dream."
    By using Cosmic Pizza as the code name, Epstein and his island "paradise", as well as all the powerful men partaking of his offerings are pushed out of the picture completely.