Monday, June 26, 2023

When Will "Follow the Science" Mean Anything?

6/26/23 Fox News:
"St. Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas reportedly fired one of its biology professors for teaching his students that sex was determined by X and Y chromosomes."

I am guessing that St. Philip's is a Catholic college which explains the pandering to LGBTWTF. (Apparently not; a public college.)

If you want to pretend that sexual identity or gender (whatever that means outside of linguistics where it has a specific meaning) is different from sex, fine.  But the XX vs. XY thing is well-established science.  

I am expecting F equals ma to be declared cisnormative next.  F, of course, is an abbreviation for Force, as patriarchal an idea as ever existed.  And F is also as an abbreviation for cisFemale of course.

Are universities going to ever return to institutions of science?


  1. It was founded by a bishop from the Episcopal Church in 1898 to teach emancipated slaves, but has been a public two year college since 1942. Source: Wikipedia.

  2. Sex in mammals is determined by X and Y chromosomes. In birds it's determined by the Z and W chromosomes, with male birds being ZZ and females ZW. And sex genetics in bees is just weird.

    So the moral of the story is: Don't confuse your children by telling them about the birds and the bees. Instead tell them about the cows and the bulls, the ewes and the rams, the mares and the stallions, and the does and the bucks.