Friday, June 23, 2023

"Queering nuclear weapons: How LGBTQ+ inclusion strengthens security and reshapes disarmament"

 No, it is not a Babylon Bee satire.  It is from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a long time left-wing group:

When the stakes of making best-informed decisions are as high as they are with nuclear weapons, governments cannot afford to lose out on the human capital and innovation potential of queer people. Informed by their life experiences, queer people have specific skills to offer that are valuable in a policy and diplomacy context. LGBTQ+ people often must navigate being different from those around them; develop the ability to listen and empathize; and mobilize the skill and perseverance to make themselves heard.

Diversity and inclusion are especially important for the policy community dealing with arsenal development and nuclear posture. Women familiar with this “nuclear priesthood” describe it as “male-dominated and unwelcoming.” Homogenous groups like this are prone to groupthink and hostile to critical examination of baseline assumptions about how adversaries construct and identify nuclear threats and risks. For nuclear weapons policy, this has meant the perpetuation of theories like deterrence and crisis stability, which have contributed to increasing nuclear arsenals and a growing risk of nuclear use.


  1. If they are a left wing group, do they have anything good to say about America having nuclear capabilities, and why?

  2. This ranks right up there with excluding older white males from your submarine development efforts.