Thursday, April 20, 2023

There Are Days That Nothing Can Surprise Me

4/19/23 Fox News:
"The National Institutes of Health is funding a study via a women's health grant that is recruiting people as young as 18 to uncover what it acknowledges as the "unknown" cardiovascular effects of surgically removing testicles on patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria."

When I was young, I was a big fan on SF writer John Brunner. One of his books was The Jagged Orbit, set in the early 21st century in an America with news stories and events so absurdly impossible that all you could do was laugh.  What we have received is more absurd than his writing.  That voters are electing idiots that push these policies is a strong argument against representative government.  I do not have an alternative, but as unrealistic as anarchy is, it is seeming less and less absurd.

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  1. Robert Heinlein wrote a book with a similar theme: Farnham's Freehold.

    And the research was done in Germany, circa 1939-1945