Saturday, April 15, 2023

Awesome Breadmaker

One of you swore by this brand made in Japan.
This was actually made in China.  The first attempt to make gluten-free produced a mutant being because we were reading off the wrong page.

We tried for basic white bread and did not need to throw it in the Tiber.

Delicious.  I may never buy bread again.

I am told the unpronounceable name means Elephant Trademark in Japanese.  Yes Japanese has a word for elephant borrowed from Chinese.  At least China has elephants in neighboring nations 


  1. I've been baking bread by hand for years now. Rather than a bread machine, I merely use my mom's 70's era Kitchen Aid mixer. I bake three loaves at a time and freeze two. Recently my local market has started carrying 1 lb bricks of vacuum-packed yeast for about $5, which is an insane savings over the price of packets or even the jars of the two main brands. I store it in a vacuum canister in the fridge and it's good for at least a year.

    For consistent results I throw the flour and yeast in by weight. I have a "Spice scale" that's very similar to my powder scale but maybe an order of magnitude less sensitive, but that's still down to .001 oz.