Saturday, April 8, 2023

Bread Machine not Made in China?

Our Hitachi bread maker was 20 years old and stopped making good bread about the time my wife became gluten intolerant.  (Maybe it knew.)

We bought a Hamilton-Beach bread machine made of course in China.  I think I showed the first two construction brick results.

We decided to make one last but following their fairly specific instructions and the results were even worse:

I tried to find a non-Chinese bread maker.  Panasonic apparently still makes them in Japan but does not sell them here.  You can buy one from Japan but instructions are in Japanese and I am sure they would not be under any sort of factory warranty.   Taiwanese?  Not that I can find.  American? No.  

I briefly toyed with using my USA-made Kitchen Aid mixer but the work required to make bread this way is why these bread machines are so popular.  I will be shipping this Hamilton-Beach back to Amazon tomorrow.   I am just frustrated that my choices are Chinese and the first example was a failure 


  1. No knead breads are so fast and simple I don't know why anyone would bother with a bread maker...

  2. Use the bread machine as a "dough prep machine". Use it to mix all of the ingredients and perform all of the kneading. Perform the rising (in separate non-machine loaf pans) in warm oven, and baking in hot oven. Household 6 has been doing it that way for decades.

  3. I've been using Zojirushi Bread Maker for years. They are highly rated.

  4. We use the Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus, which is made in Japan. It works well for bread and pizza crust.

    1. I just bought a Zojirushi. Made in China. I am hoping it works.