Saturday, April 29, 2023

Gluten Free Bread, Take Two

I made a second loaf of gluten free bread with my new bread maker but added a couple teaspoons of sugar and another teaspoon of yeast.  Wow!  Awesome.  Not quite as fluffy as glutentastic white bread but close enough.  I am going to start making two loaves a week.

I have no pictures because we did not eat the first loaf fast enough and the lack of preservatives became greenly apparent.  Perhaps we should have kept it in the refrigerator.  This last loaf is pretty well gone.  I will take a selfie with today's loaf. We are fast becoming BFFs (Bread Forever Friends).

Part of what likely made medieval life tolerable was all bread was freshly baked 


  1. Could you post your recipe? I was never able to get the GF bread even from the bread maker you have (or an older version of it anyway).

    1. I used their Gluten Free Italian Herb Bread, left out the basil, added two teaspoons of sugar and two extra teaspoons of yeast. Yesterday, I screwed up and had the crust on dark.

  2. If not eating quickly enough the best bet is to slice and freeze. Remove only as much as you immediately need and allow to thaw or toast. Refrigerating generally leads to stale/moldy bread more quickly than if it is just kept in a bread box.

  3. I bake a lot of bread myself. When I was having mold problems, I took a look at what they put in commercial bread as a preservative. I then ordered a fairly large bag of Sodium Proprionate which should last me well into the next decade. Substituting 1/3 of the salt in the recipe with the preservative makes the bread last over a week. Someone told me Calcium Proprionate is better for bread, but this works.