Monday, April 10, 2023

Smells Like Russian Disinformation

It makes a lot of claims to explain why COVID-19 vaccine kills some people.  In watching it, I found some serious flaws.

1. The guy who immediately hemorrhages through his chest a second after injection is implausible; nothing spreads that fast through the bloodstream.

2. I see no evidence that graphite or graphene are used for nanocapsules.  The shell is organic to facilitate the body dissolving it.  They do not distribute medicine through holes in the shell.

3. The electron microscope image at about 04:56 identifies the nanoparticles as polystyrene which the body cannot dissolve.  It is a plastic of considerable organic stability, which is why it is used in food packaging.

4. Why have none of the many critics of the vaccine concentrated them in a centrifuge and then examined them chemically?  The nanoparticles carry the mRNA.

5. The high-quality of the video makes me wonder if Russia or China is the source to create or increase fear of our government.  Russia in particular wants us to turn a blind eye to the Ukraine invasion.

I find it easy to believe that there are some safety problems with the vaccine, which will show up in small numbers of recipients.  Vaccines have always been hazardous; just less so than the disease.  The push to get everyone vaccinated and boosted several times is most plausibly greed by the makers.

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  1. I cared for many covid patients during the pandemic. Whatever else you might say about the vaccine, it certainly does protect against severe covid. It was quite rare to have a vaccinated person as a patient, and even then usually someone with severe pre-existing conditions such as cancer.

    However, that doesn't prevent me from also being very skeptical about the vaccines and how they were barely tested before release. One of the weirdest 'side effects' of the vaccine may be Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. We are currently dealing with our third case in a year. None less than Luc Montagnier, who discovered the HIV virus, found that the covid spike protein contains the same protein that causes brain disease.