Thursday, January 5, 2023

Ugly; Not Necessarily Reason for Ukraine Support

1/5/23 Daily Caller:

Former Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne of Iowa sold Lockheed Martin stock for a profit in November, after voting in favor not only of the May supplemental package, but also for a September emergency funding bill that authorized an additional $12 billion for Ukraine and the omnibus spending bill passed in December, which includes an additional $45 billion in Ukraine aid, according to the Congressional Record.

Lawmakers voted with the majority of their party on those measures, with all Democrats supporting the continuing resolution in September and all but one voting yea on the omnibus bill, Business Insider reported.

Democratic Rep. Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania also reported a Raytheon sale in November from stock purchased before the war, meaning he voted for the funding bills while having a stake in a top-selling defense company.

Republican West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller’s spouse bought General Dynamics stock in July 2021 and has not disclosed a sale, so Miller’s spouse may have held that stock while the representative voted in favor of the May package. Republican Utah Rep. John Curtis, who also voted to send more aid, has not disclosed a sale since purchasing up to $15,000 in Raytheon in June 2021.

The linked Business Insider article contains none of these facts.  This 5/19/22 Business Insider article has some of it.  Even if members of Congress did these trades as described, they might be doing so because they knew the feelings of the Congress.  All the more reason to prohibit insider trading by Congresscritters.

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