Friday, January 6, 2023

Narcisstic Children at Play

The German environmental group Last Generation which has been gluing themselves to roads and runways, holding a sit-in at Porsche and whining when Porsche turned off the lights and heat. and attempting to vandalize art in museums tried breaking up roads in Berlin.  I was briefly worried about the environmental impact of gasoline powered jackhammer but 1/5/23 Legal Insurrection has pictures.  They are electric jackhammerd.  I see generators but no solar panels.  Unless those are biofuel or hydrogen powered these are just your usual narcisstic children who have been subsidized through universities of indoctrination.  Do you know why I am skeptical of the European model of free universities?

Apparently removing these brats from roads where they have glued themselves is very expensive.   I would think a chain around the body and a tractor would work just fine.  I doubt anyone removed in that manner would do it twice.

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  1. Free university indoctrination. Proving once again that when the product is free, you're the product.