Monday, January 30, 2023

I Thought I Needed to Make This Video

This is a video from the Boone County, Indiana Sheriff showing 30 shots fired at aimed shooting speed from a pistol and an AR-15 showing how little difference LCMs actually make in bullets on target.

The pistol demo uses 15,10, and 6 round magazines to fire 30 rounds.

The AR-15 uses a 20 and 10 round magazines. 

The total time difference is trivial.  From a practical standpoint this means an LCM Ban is not a killer for self-defense.  It also means the LCM bans do nothing.

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  1. One of my EDC's (the current one because of winter weather) is a Ruger SR9c. I carry in "Condition 1" with three state approved 10 round mags loaded with Hornady Critical Defense. This gives me 31 rounds at my disposal. Prior to the 2013 post Sandy Hook gun control and the loss of my Ruger 17 round mags in the lake, my load out was the two 17 round mags plus 1 in the chamber for 35 rounds. I am well practiced in mag changes. Four rounds less. Or six rounds more if I decide to load and carry another 10 round mag.

    So tell me again how they have made the state of Kommiecticut safer from someone who was not predisposed to shooting up the local school, restaurant, or retail establishment?