Monday, January 16, 2023


I have battled several years with globes syndrome which is a swallowing sensation well-characterized by the Chinese medicine description: peach pit syndrome.   It feels like something is in one side of your throat and it will not move.  If I talk for long the sensation forces me to keep swallowing.  It is exhausting.  I am told that the frequent pauses make sound thoughtful. 

I have had extensive testing with fluoroscopes and barium milkshakes looking for a mechanical cause to no avail.

A speech therapist who I worked after my 2014 stroke saw me today and says it is a combination of silent reflux as evidenced by speaking after a drink of water and getting an odd set of sounds causing by fluid on my vocal chords when it should be nowhere near there.

She also says my throat muscles are week and are not moving correctly.   She has me discontinuing pretty much my entire diet for a few weeks (caffeine, carbonated beverages, processes meats, tomato sauce, all spicy foods) putting a wedge pillow under my head, and starting Friday, electrical stimulation.  She scheduled me for 8 appointments but thinks we will not use them all.

I was a little unsure if she would remember me seven years later but I had her family up to the old house for a star party and she says her kids will never forget it.

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