Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Rebels of PT-218

 On YouTube.  "Based on a true story."  Comment by a watcher skeptical that a Liberty ship went into combat, he found this on Wikipedia:

Liberty ships were United States Shipping Board cargo ships, a merchant ship, fitted with guns for defensive purposes manned by United States Navy Armed Guard.[8] In one notable incident they were used for support from 22 to 30 January 1944 when the Lawton B. Evans was involved in the Battle of Anzio in Italy. First class seaman Calvin Stoddard O'Rourke received commendations for his performance on June 24, 1944 when this ship was under repeated bombardment from hostile shore batteries and aircraft throughout an eight-day period. Despite the prolonged danger of shrapnel, machine-gun fire and bombs, the gun crew fought back, setting up a deadly barrage of shellfire. They shot down five German planes and contributed to the success of the landing operations.

It was fun to watch, even if a bit story-improved for dramatic purposes. 

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  1. Another Liberty ship, SS Stephen Hopkins, fought the German armed merchant cruiser Stier. Stephen Hopkins was sunk, but inflicted so much damage to Stier that she was abandone and scuttled.