Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Things That Make You Want to Go Boom


Bond belongs to a wildly popular formerly underground troupe of British drag queens and kings with Down Syndrome, known as "Drag Syndrome(opens in a new tab)." Since the group’s first performance close to a year ago(opens in a new tab), Drag Syndrome has since exploded in popularity, with performances all throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe and an American tour in the works, the group’s creative director Daniel Vais(opens in a new tab) told Mashable.

"We now have invites [to perform] from around the world," Vais says.

Daniel Vais is the artistic director of Culture Device(opens in a new tab), a London-based experimental performance and dance company that works with artists who have Down syndrome and operates Drag Syndrome. The company has put on everything from ballets(opens in a new tab) to fashion shoots(opens in a new tab).

Drag Syndrome, for its part, was born from another performance. In December 2017, Vais brought one of his Culture Device performers to watch a show in London that included drag queens. Vais, noting the performer’s enthusiasm for the show, asked her and the rest of the artists in Culture Device if they would be interested in performing drag some day. They jumped at the idea, Vais says.

Am I the only person who thinks this stinks? 

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