Thursday, January 5, 2023

Today's Frustration

Essentially none of the YouTube videos that I use for my Western Civ class are available streaming from CWI's library (some by BBC and History Channel).  A couple are on YouTube channels that clearly own the copyright, but the rest are off-limits for an online class.  So I get to summarize several very well-done documentaries.  The video of Reagan reading "The Dane-Geld" at a National Security Council meeting, I will have my wife read while I roll the text on the screen; and I will have to make an animation explaining why retrograde motion of Mars destroyed geocentrism.  (Try to describe that in writing and, "A picture is worth a thousand words.")  It is a busy week before classes.


  1. The phases of Venus weren't very kind to the Geocentric theory, either, if less dispositive.

  2. Yes. I wish that I had a public domain image for that as well.