Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Christmas Lodge

My wife and I were looking for a rom-com last night (too many recent PBS documentaries about polio, tuberculosis, Donner party, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson).  Warning: there were no trigger warnings about offensive content.

Architectural restorer takes her boyfriend to the forest to go hiking and hopefully get a ring.   They find an injured teen girl, help her get back home, and discover she lives in a broken down mountain lodge that her father is trying to renovate back to commercial use.  The restorer immediately recognizes it as the lodge her family used to stay at when she was very little.

Boyfriend and restorer call it quits because he lives for city life and she lives to hike in forests.

I think you can see where this is going.   Heartwarming tale of restoration, elderly grandfather getting to see the lodge where he met his long-dead wife.  Punctured along the way with the sort of evangelical family that many of us see us as.

Predictable?  In some ways.  Positive? Encouraging?  Yes.  Decent dialog sometimes predictable because they are depicting the culture in which we live so we know what people should and often do say and do. 

No one is mean.  No one suddenly needs gender mutilation surgery or comes out of the closet.  Good people come together for a good purpose with good results.

We saw it on Amazon Prime.  I shudder to think what trigger warnings it might carry on Netflix.


  1. Yes, but did the architectural restorer's intended sound like Eva Gabor?

    1. no, but that same Green Acres reference occurred to me as well.